The 2018/19 school year was really very intense. I played many concerts, had a successful crowdfunding campaign, released my debut album and, what’s equally important, did many fantastic guitar lessons. Some classes were very challenging (for me and students too), others went very smoothly 😉 But the most important, we all were able to meet at the concert summarizing the whole school year for the first time. See how great it was!

The idea for a concert of my students has been in my mind for a long time. It’s fun to work during individual lessons, but for better motivation and better progress while learning, it’s worth having a goal. This goal was an end-of-year concert. Every student presented the pieces we’ve been working on for a very long time.

Everyone likes to play different things, so nobody could get bored at the concert. There were performances on classical, acoustic and even ukulele guitars! The program included pieces from classical music, songs from famous cartoons (including Frozen and Harry Potter), slightly older played demanding compositions of the great fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. Everybody’s happy, right?


If that’s not enough, we had 2 surprises at the end – a mini recital of Woch & Guzik Duo –  the guitar ensemble I’ve been playing with, (the latest interview with us in April, which appeared in the German Akustik Gitarre Magazine, you can read about here) and long awaited by everyone pizza!

It was first such concert, but certainly not the last. Another school year soon, and I have more ideas on my mind. Do you want to join our guitar team? Feel free to contact me!